Monday, January 11, 2010

A reply to Denise A Romano(from LR's blog)

Denise wrote I really do want to hear specifically from me what is so objectionable to them about feminism and why they view our current culture as feminist.

Denise, I took a stab at it. I'm sure I left out some stuff but here goes.

because they are taught that they are not snowflakes

because it's not acceptable to lash out violently at others because they think, feel, worship, look different that you do.

because they are not taught that they are number one and women are number 2.

because they can't all be the Don Daper from Mad Men.

Because they NAMs dare look them in the eye and demand equal treatment.

Because there aren't enough 10's to go around.

Because very few women will equal bella donn's wildness.

because women are no longer open to being a physical and emotional punching bag for 50+ years who asks the next day " honey how would you like your eggs" .

because they aren't good looking enough to get the initial wow and swooning from women that a guy who looks like Epoxy, Reggie bush or Russell Wong gets...

because some men have truly were wronged.

because some women are so stupid that they repeatedly chase BS guys.

because a guy who is a 3 can't get tail the same that a woman who is a three can.

because they watched their mom harass their dad daily from the time in came home until the time he went back out to work.

because their dad abandoned them as children.

because they blame their mom for being a single mother.

because they don't get a button that allows them to terminate an unwanted pregnancy.

because condoms don't feel as good.

because they never learned the necessary social skills that are required to effectively communicate with women.

because they will never measure up.

because they stayed out of trouble, worked hard, went to a good school, makes 100k+ plus per year but that roided up bouncer who can't spell his name and makes only 10k per year gets more poon than a toilet seat.

because their dad was around but really tuned out.

because some women really want a separate set of rules.

because some women don't understand men.

because some men don't understand women.

because they are really gay.

because they don't know how to "satisfy" a woman.

because debt for those just starting out is scary.

because some women don't know when to just shut the heck up.

because they are mentally unstable.

because some women see beta men as lesser men who should just take the abuse that they(those women) dish out to them.

because they are angry at everything.

because they brought into the lie that
your suppose to be happy 24/7 365 from the craddle to the grave.

because when they caught their girlfriend with their best friend, instead of being a woman about it and apologizing, she blame her boyfriend for her cheating.

because when she left him with a broken heart she also left him without a cent to his name.

because some men hate women for the same illogical weak reasons that a klansman hates a Blk person.

denise: I also want to hear from them on what an ideal culture would look like.

One where they do two hrs of work a day for Bill Gates money and live the g-manefesto/mick jagger lifestyle for the other 22hrs. Every woman is a virginal "10" who submits to the wishes of any man on demand. Fat women are banned from being seen in public.

if I excluded anything be sure to add it in the comments folks.

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