Sunday, October 25, 2009

another tale from Chataeu R

Fashion folk this post is not about you.

default, whereever you're out there. I hope this brings you back.

It’s Sunday night in the Château,the music is playing but people aren’t so happy because money problems abound the residents of château Roissy. Even high earners like Tood are having money problems.

R , with advice of his account seeking alpha, roissy recently raised rents 25%. To make up the difference, some residents took to renting space in the basement so they could work on a side hustle.

Aoefe and Nicole run an S&M dungeon.

Chic Noir runs a how to look like an alpha consulting business.

Peter has a top secret laboratory(more on that latter).

Tood took to renting space in the basement so he could open a barber shop.

Btw, has anyone noticed that Tood’s been very amped and irritated as of late.

Chuck went down to Tood’s shop to get a shapeup. After a full night of parting at club alpha, Chuck was so exhausted he could hardly keep his eyes open. I could tell you the rest but….