Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dating Rules For Men via A Woman

preface: my darling whiskey, I know you said I give men awful advice let me try again.

Chic Noir’s PUA advice for men…

1.have confidence

2.remember, she poops too.

3.take the time to look nice. Good clothes, shoes and a nice haircut will help you feel better about yourself when approaching a woman which will in turn heighten your confidence.

4.have something to talk about when you approach.

5.don’t give off the creepy weird guy vibe. Avoid jerky hand movements, weird facial expressions, intense staring with a woman you haven’t vibed with and bad posture.

6.don’t stare at woman for longer than 30 without saying a simple hello. Look at the woman’s response to you hello. That should give something to go on. Does she look excited to be approached by you? If not, proceed with caution.

7.if one turns you down, remember there are 3 billion more.

8. be careful of your internal thoughts when approaching women. We can read your thoughts fellas.

9. know your speed.

10. don’t be desperate. Janka is almost as pretty as Epoxy but scares the heck out of many women because he comes across as desperate and hypersexed.

11. be yourself but don't give her everything within the first day of meeting you.

12. if she doesn't call when she says she will, don't be angry when she finally returns your call. just find something or someone to amuse you instead.

13. avoid hardcore bar rats, they will burn you in more ways than one.