Monday, September 6, 2010

The most beautiful women in the world

So abagond, sofia and femx have all written their lists of the world's most beautiful women.

If I had to trade in my face, I wouldn't mind trading faces with any of the women on this list.

The world's most beautiful women- the chocolate edition.

Now i've seen women in the streets who are as good looking as most of those listed but I don't have pictures of those women. this post should be world's most beautiful famous blk women.

I put these women up in random order. I tried to use pictures that were natural looking and except for Je.ssica, exclude women who've had a noticeable amount of plastic surgery.

there are a few people who I left out who should be in this list for sure.

A few great beauties who i didn't add are wendy fitzwilliam,beverly johnson, iman, kenya moore, adrianna lima, Beyonce*,Waris Darie,lauren london, lanisha cole, kathleen bradley, model lisa butler, and fatima siad. There are a couple of bald black models whose names escape me.

Here's my list in no particular order

*chic noir smashes symbols together*

1. model jes.sica white is an American. She was beautiful before and even after the nose job.

2. gabrielle union- American and almost 40. now this is how I'm trying to age. her smile puts her over the top.

3.model Aminata Niaria is from Senegal

4. One of my older brothers introduced her to me. He was in love with her back in the day.

Here's rachael in real time.

5. Beverly Peele- an American

5. roshumba williams is an American.

6. Dorothy Dandridge was an American

7. donyale luna was an American- what a long lean elegant but very troubled woman. Afrobella has written the best tribute that i've come across to date on miss luna. read it here . There's something about luna that captivates people cause that post is as old as dirt yet people are still commenting on it until today. read update here and tribute blog to luna here

8. agbani darego from Nigeria. she was the first blk African Miss World. she made top 10 in the miss universe pageant before going on to win the miss world pageant

9. genevieve nnaji from Nigeria

10. Karen Alexander- she was a top blk model in the 80's.

11. N.i.a Long from the good ole USA. this is an old picture of n.ia. her face has changed a lot as she's aged. Yes sometimes we crack too.

12. Ataui Deng from Sudan

13. Lais Riberio from Brazil . she looks like a lighter version of Jessica White. she's in the second half of the video.

14. Liya Kabede from Ethopia

15. Yasmen Warisame from Somalia. She looks like a very pretty boy, a very androgenous look.

I have a male version of this list coming up. I'm also making lists for other races of women.