Monday, June 29, 2009

how starbucks, feminists, the patriarchy and the PUA ruined america

chic noirs's take on the writing style from the view of a semi popular PUA.

Another video of that ubber ball buster fem man hater high t Lucy. Look at how the beta males have been corrupted by feminist philosophy. Notice that by the end of the video there are only three males and Snoopy playing the game. Note how happy the beta males are to jump at the beck and call of lantern jawed Lucy. The betas jump up and down with a look that is equal parts servitude and mollification from years of being water boarded with feminist ideas.

The post feminist deconstruction of Peanuts via a modern beta man traumatized by starbucks frapacino feminists who were victims of the patriarchy

The following are a few comments I made on a popular PUA blog. I was sort of mimicking the style of the author.

Watch Schroder lay down his Dr. Spock game proper on the ever bloviating angry high T feminist one day attorney 200k in student loans that is Lucy. Schroder pays no attention to Lucy even as she goes out of her way to groom herself in front of him with the hope of adding a point or two to her sexual market value. When that doesn’t work, she behaves in the way that only a man hating high t woman can, destroy what is most valuable to a man, for Schroder that’s his piano. If Schroder is one day foolish enough to marry Lucy, 20 bucks says she will marry him in California and wait the allotted time until she can cash in for half.

Peanuts teaches children, adult life lessons. Women are only foolish if they think their fancy degrees mean more to men than how they look. Peep how Peppermint Patty qualifies herself through the putdowns of more attractive females. She says, yea Fredda has curly hair and the little red head girl has red hair but I’m in shape. Those other itches will be fat in no time.

A quazzi French new wave beat gen lover feminist's take on how the patriarchy, alpha males, female lawyers, no fault divorce, simple carbs, and fructo

Last one I swear

Moving on with Mu’s theme, men are always better and stronger physically, take a look a Lucy in this video . The poisoning of Lucy’s mind via title IX has been such that she really thinks she has a shot of knocking out the male Snoopy. Snoopy is what we call a greater beta. He shows Lucy the physical differences between a man and woman even when the woman has a slight size advantage. Watch Snoopy beat that azz like he’s beating lumps outta dough.Pay attention to how unattractive the high T Lucy becomes after attempting to “fight like a man”. Ding bat feminists full of shrivel learned during their burning of 100k from their parents 40lK to study “Women’s History”, like Lucy fail to realize men don’t want a man in a skirt. Lucy beating up Snoopy is like me trying to beat up DA. Although I’m 5’9.5 140lbs to DA’s 5’8 140lbs , I have no doubt DA would have little trouble putting me to sleep in a one on one fist fight.
Notice that after Lucy lands one good punch she smiles with feminist glee at being able to make her male superior her inferior aka beta b*tch. Only after getting slapped into next week does the deep seeded alpha laying dormant inside of every feminism brainwashed beta come out. It’s the stuff of revolutions, which my darling Whiskey writes about. Snoopy brings out the alpha caveman on that b?cth.
Peep out how Lucy loses her feminist riot grrrrl wanna be Laura Croft stance once Snoopy prepares to Chris Brown her butt. She takes to her heels like the high testosterone lantern jawed but still very much a girl that she is. The average female offers so little physical competition for the average man that he has to do little preparation to spread the average woman out. That’s why Snoopy takes a few minutes to peacock before shutting off Lucy’s lights like gas and electric company on April 1. Sadly, Snoopy is still a beta that’s why he kisses her to make up opening a can of kick ass.