Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yoga class

definition of flexibility and feminine grace and elegance.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of yoga, here's some Asian yogi eye candy for you;


Desi said...

Chic, since we've been discussing aspergers, watch this;


collegboy said...

i went to some yoga class at my gym just to see what the fuss is about and man... i didn't know i was so stiff.

i could'nt pay attention.

Anonymous said...

Collegeboy, i was in a yoga class the other day and there was this woman wearing really really really short and tiny shorts, the kind where you would have to do a "bikini wax" just as if you were wearing a bikini. We had to do a lot of bending over with legs spread and her but was in this dudes face and I felt so sorry for him.

Poor guy just wanted to exercise and here he had to fight off urges and pretend to not notice someone's butt and waxed genitals in his face.

Why do women do that? In a yoga class for goodness sake!

Chic Noir said...

@anon 1- that video isn't x-rated i hope.

@desi- I'm gonna check out that video thanks.

@schoolboy- Yea tell me about it. don't forget you need to stay on top of your flexibility because you weight train.

@anonymous- How gross. I'm sure that if the guy had something to her, the woman would have had a fit.