Saturday, October 10, 2009

SMH my mom and mother-in-law fight on a bus in San Francisco

See the problem is....

my mom and mother-in-law can't stand one another. Whenever they see one another, they spark up. It all started at my wedding when my father said my mother-in-law's potato salad was far better than any potato salad that mom has ever made.

Lord Lord Lord why did my dad say that.

So the two have been having a silent war since that day two years ago. It all boiled over when the two came across one another the bus and here is how it went down.

my poor mom got her head bashed in like a piñata . If that wasn't bad enough, my mom-in-law preceded to kick a mutt hole in my mom's butt after bashing her head in.

It's been two weeks since that beat down and my mom still hears ringing in her ears.

*looks closer at video*
*shakes head*

So I see my husband's grandmother sneaks on the bus at 2:14 without paying.

I must thank that nice young lady who saved my mom from a full blown KO. If you're reading this young lady, one night of drinking on me.