Wednesday, June 16, 2010

lolzzzzlolzzz & whiskey

*chic noir walks up to the podium*
*chic noir clears throat*

for those of you who find greatbookformen to a "laugh loud,full on entertainment and the blog commenter and writter of the summer", I have someone I would like you to meet. this is greatbooksformen e-world sannier older brother aimlowjoe. He and I don't agree on everything but he's a cool,funny charming guy.

R yells "oh if you think he's cool, I rather not meet him"
bitter beata follower drones follwer R from the Cassanova alpha hall.

*chic noir shrugs shoulders and continues speech*

Aimlowjoe is sorta like, one part whiskey,one part lolzzzlolzzz + a few drops of default user.

Everybody give a big welcome to aimlowjoe.

*chic noir takes aimlowjoe's hand and takes him around the chateau to meet everybody*

five hours later...

aimlowjoe is getting along with the residents of the chateau & the lair like a house of fire.

*chic noir has second thoughts about bringing aimlowjoe to the chateau and the lair*

maria to chic noir : Chic, whatever you do, keep him away from gaynon and the pearheads>
chic noir: That I will try Maria.

I'm sure lolrof at this post makes me as sick as richard lindsey for laughing at the squatter who slits& splats but so be it.

aimlowjoe will bond very well with chuck because of this post

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