Monday, January 31, 2011

Black models and campaigns Spring Summer 2011

Photos 1-3 are of Joan Smalls
photos 4-5 are of Jourdan Dunn
and photo number 6 stars Ataui Deng along with Eniko(a favorite of mine) and Tao Okamoto.
A special shot out to Burberry for paring Jourdan up with another blk model.
Joan Smalls has a makeup contract with Estee Lauder(7 figures yall). The ads should be out sometime in May.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Statis from the outter limits

"Due to dwindling resources in the future, the world consists of 'Alphas' and 'Betas' that are alternately put in stasis for 72 hour periods"

Monday, January 17, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

boy gets beating because of facebook

little boy decides that he wants to be an online gangster, his uncle does not approve. If you have a problem with the azz whipping he got, let me be the first to tell you that it's better than what some real gang bangers would've given the kid.

the chateau times: the great spearhead unveiling!

* stands upon the stage in the alpha auditorium like steve jobs about to introduce to world to apple oxygentm (which will revolutionize the way that human beings across the planet breath) *

roise opens his mouth and lets out the most alpha roar he can muster.

attention alpha, beta and omegas.... I stand before you today to proclaim that we have another tool to fight those evil feminists.

*the crowd cheers*

*chuck lets a shriek so emotionally powerful that his skin becomes as red as his hair*


chic noir walks along the hall with a taylor swift lookalike.
chic noir to taylor swift lookalike
"now you remember our plan don't you."

Taylr Swift lookalike nods and says "of I do. I can't tell you how happy this makes me to nail these dirty buzzards. why the excitement makes my gina tingle.

*chic noir looks pleased and says*
"good my sister, you are becoming a good feminist"

*chic noir opens the door to find 1std playing the controls*

chic to 1stdv

"hey onestdv, whats going on buddy"
1stdv "chic, I don't have time for you now, I've got to get this film set up"

chic noir to 1stdv "oh well look who I brought along, rose wanted me to introduce you to her"

taylor swift steps from behind chic noir
*1stdv eyes grow to the size of saucers*
*taylor swift lookalike sits on onestdv lap and runs her fingers threw his hair*

taylor swift lookalike takes 1stdv by the hand and leads him out of the film room.
*1stdv hesitates*

1std " no, I can't go just yet. I've got some things to do "
chic noir says to onestdv "what is it you have to do? I'm sure it's something I can do if it doesn't require much intelligence after all i am a NAM"

*one std shrugs shoulders and says to chic noir*
okay chic, when rose and whellmer are done talking just press that button.

*chic noir gives onestdv the thumbs up*

as soon as onestdv and the taylor swift lookalike are out of the room, chic noir jumps up to lock the door and reaches into her bag. pulls out a dvd and smiles sweetly.

meanwhile down below...

*globalman pulls down tin fool cap just a little bit closer to his head*

global man says to self " those feminists aren't getting into my head with their testosterone zapping satellites"

Rose welcomes whellmer onto the stage

*alte claps just a little bit harder, david c.olla.rd sticks out bottom lip*

whellmer "well men, I don't make group separations because we are all men being beaten down by the evil feminist empire"

*more yelling hooting and hollering from the angry masses*

whellmer " what we have here is our own antidote to the feminist media brainwashing that's gone about for the last 30 years in this country"

*the crowd goes wild again*

a 90 year virgin in the audience becomes excited at the thought that something may finally help him get the "10" than even his social security,pension,401k, bingo winnings and part time salary as a wallmart greeter haven't allowed him to.

* 90year old virgin passes out*

roissy yells up to the film box " start it up 1stdv"

inconspicuous beta leans over to whisper into A.J travis's ear "i got a bad feeling about this man"

up above ....

chic noir lets out a silent evil laugh and removes 1stdv dvd to replace it with her own.

chic noir to self "wait until they see this"

*one hour later *

DA thinks to self "why was the lone blk woman so bossy, it's like we can never run from the hbd guys"

there is all types of grumbling in the crowd amongst the men. one beta, jawberwonky, stands up to speak.

jaberwonky " what type of crap was that"
*jaberwonky adjusts linus blanket around body*
" I mean bringing us here to show us this film justifying male genocide"

*the crowd roars*

a random beta stands to shout at roissy
" man what's happened to you"

another omega shouts
" yea, you're churning out nothing but garbage these days man"

a wimpy omega screech's
" it like you've turned on us"

maurice the diplomat stands to be a peacemaker but looking out into the sea of angry faces changes mind and sits down again.

clarence thinks to self " I think I know what's going on"

a tomato is throw across the stage at roissy

whellmer jumps up to roissy's defence
"men lets not become to emotional"

an angry Z shouts "shaming language"

obsidian takes to the stage to calm things down

obs " now my white,black. asian and hispanic brothers lets not...."

troll king yells " what the hell does race have to do with this, see this is the problem with obs and others of color"

With the mention of race, things really snowball downhill fast.

davefromhawaii has a moment of deja vu having seen all of this in the matrix.
*dave pops blue pill*

whiskey yells " there is no hope for us betas. women HATE HATE HATE beta men"

with that the entire meeting descends into choas, nothing is accomplished and chic noir and the rest of the evil feminist have a hearty laugh at the men folk's expense.


Sunday, January 9, 2011

God please forgive me

i'm about to allow myself to be gamed in an e-ra.ce war with chuck(tales from the hood).

I like to keep this blog light but I'll bite this one time.

ok first up.

chuck said in comment number 60 on his blog "what if some white kids did that to a blk person> those people holding their cell phones would have jumped in real fast( of course, white kids rarely do that so this is a pretty hypothetical question). the point is that black people won't ever jump in to help a white person. ever. if they did they'd* be considered a sell out.)

*nice job on the contractions :)

first lets take this part of his quote

"what if some white kids did that to a blk person> those people holding their cell phones would have jumped in real fast"

now do my eyes deceive me????
*chic noir rubs eyes careful not to rub off her diorshow*
where there not blk people on that bus??? Wasn't there even an older blk woman on the bus trying to stop the fight??? How come the blk people didn't jump in???

another quote from chuck...

"black people won't ever jump in to help a white person. ever."

they won't??? well what is this???? and this is a police officer we're talking about???

now as to why more people don't jump in when people are being harmed.... look to stories like this. Most people are to afraid to jump in and risk bodily harm.

BTW here are some other stories where blk people run in to save whites.

remember Westly Autry

here another one, drunk girl damn near being run over by a train. a blk man jumps down into the tracks to save her.

there is another video of an very overweight white man being saved by blk man in the train station but I can't find it.

now to sum up my take...
In no way do I agree with what those kids did to the white man on the train in DC but please please please don't try to use incidents like that to justify some sort of animus you have with blk people as a group.

no chuck most blk men aren't thugs. In fact the numbers say that 1/3 have been in the criminal justice system so while 1/3 is a large number it's not even half. so for every 1 that has been in jail or arrested, there are two who have not.

oh and chuck or one of his commenters wrote that blks get away with everything... orly???? that the police will always take our side???

and this is from FOX NEWS, so you can't call it the biased liberal media.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Youtube Madness

So now that the sales of Bang have slowed down a bit, Roosh had to come up with another way to make money that still allow him to enjoy the life of an alpha bon vivant.

And what is that you ask?????

Why a rock star of course.

Here is his new video. Check out his hype man VK. The chick in the video is one of roosh's Brazilian pump and dumps.