Monday, January 11, 2010

The Cheatu R Times post 5

The chateau R times continues….

The residents of chateau R are all sitting in the salon having drinks and discussing R’s disappearance.

Just then… The front door swings open with a loud thump.

In walks R looking like he went 50 rounds with Tyson.

The crowd break into applause, free flowing tears, and hearty back slaps amongst the regulars.

A beta yells out:
“ R, where have you been?”

R pokes out chest and replies: “Beta, I have seen and battled an evil you could never endure. Your bird chested frame and feminist taught shebrain would split under the strain. For the rabid butch bitch feminists are stronger than you can imagine. To have one of those unsightly creatures sink of yellow incisors into your loins is a pain you can only imagine”

*Beta gulps*
The real story, r was getting his butt whipped but ran like an itch when the feminists had their backs turned.

The females of the chateau feel a mean wave of the jina tingles.
They take turn trying to arouse his passion.

Aoefe: oh R, how I have missed you. Please come and dominate me tonight.
Lil grl: we like srsly missed you hella much dude.
Sophia: oh I’ll let you “spray” my torso.
Femx: can I watch sophia???
Dreamer: oh roissy I missed you so much. Let me wallow in your alphaness.
Lovelysexybeauty: please tell me you won’t disappear again. I’ll do my darnest to stay thin and sexy for you.
Nicole: look what the cat dragged in, can’t say I’m happy to see you either way.
Jamilla: How about a taste of your chocolate Sunday r.
Chic noir to jamila: don’t go sitting blk women back 50 years up in here
Chic noir: shakes head 2 r, don’t mean to say I told you so.
Sarah: you must not allow your experience to turn your heart into ice. You must love your enemy even when your enemy is evil.
The feminist kim,marcus a, denise,anon al : glad you’re ok R.
When R moves away, they mumble to themselves… that bastard got away.

whiskey and rum order free whiskey and rum for everybody.
PA gave a toast but no one understands what the heck he was saying.
Doug drinks until he’s drunk since he isn’t paying.
To celebrate the occasion, tood allows roissy the privilege of being the first to break in his new hologram girl.

And everyone in the chateau went asleep happy that night.

The End


Jamila said...

Jamilla: How about a taste of your chocolate Sunday r.
Chic noir to jamila: don’t go sitting blk women back 50 years up in here

Don't you mean "setting" blk women back 50 years?

I think Roissy is just in a serious relationship--he is getting older afterall and "game" doesn't keep you warm at night--so now he wants to spend his time with this woman. Like most normal men would, whether they are PUA's or not.

Denise said...

Denise records entire event on hidden camera for the future Museum of Extinct MRA Assholes.

Y said...

You chicks that follow R must be masochists or something. R is the most offensive bloggers I have ever encountered. He is a sicko for sure.