Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wow !!!! I'm afraid of everyone now.

When a person tells you what they are, you need to listen. That old guy had it written clear as day on his people of walmart shirt, that he is not the one. It so sad how the blk guy got his butt handed to him by a man that's old enough to be his dad.

He got a AARP/ social security/ old school pension /medicare pays my hospital bills beat down. Not only that but the old dude had on a fanny pack and a pair of easy spirit walking shoes.

Lord help us the recession is making even our seniors act up!

Well... it happened on a AC bus so I guess the old guy is pissed he ran thru his social security check trying to win the 50 dollar jackpot on the penny machine.

chic noir maxim #1- People only mess with those whom they think they can beat.

Now that doesn't mean they can just think they can.

those girls who instigated are lucky he didn't turn on them.

How about the American Apparel girl siting in the back rocking out to the latest underground wtf rock band. She was probably thinking " fighting is so lame" then again... maybe she down with the fist fight since fist fighting is retro and making a comeback.

That guy in the "POW" shirt reminds me of a certain blog commenter but I'll keep it myself.

I wonder what started the argument?