Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Beef At The Chateau Part 2

All right people all right… I have something I want to say.
*chic noir steps up to the podium and grabs mike clears throat*
*winks at default sitting in the front row*
Chic noir’s take….

Both R &LR are wrong. R for starting the war with LR and flaming her name all over the internet including that of her child which truly crossed the line. I don’t care if LR posts pic of herself on myspace. Unless she gave R permission to use them…. He was wrong.
I can’t believe I’m about to say this but…..

*chic noir shudders*

It’s also wrong of LR to post his personal info online when it could cost him his job and we know job’s aren’t easy to come by these days. He isn’t liked by some and anyone could track him down beat his ass(he deserves0 or put a bullet into his head(to much even for him).

Not about R wanting his privacy…. NO I would argue that he doesn’t. He has posted his picture a few times and the fact that he meets with commenters from his blog should tell you that he was willing to risk it. Don’t forget that he has written purposely inflammatory posts about important people as well as minorities and women. He likes attention. The article LR linked to, roissy posted linked to on his blog. He gave his name to the writer(maybe) of the article so it’s not like he wasn’t courting attention.

I’ve mentioned to R a number of times that it would one day come back to haunt him because his readership is too large. When the folks from fou.ch.an invaded the blog about a month ago, I knew he was in his last days. IIRC, I warned for the third time during the invasion. He knew it was only a matter of time but I’m guessing that he would of preferred his outing come from a major news outlet along with a 6-7 figure book deal.
His outing by lady raine is like one of you guys having an 30 minutes to do anything you want to with megan fox and only lasting 10 seconds.

@Chuck, Maurice and Clarence- I believe that an anonymous person gave LR that info because the same thing happened with me when he wrote that “how to tell if a woman is a slut” post. I got about 10 random emails from people but I didn’t take that road because I’m too soft hearted I guess.
*steps down from podium*
*whispers to clarence*
I was really hoping the two of them would meet and release that passion they have for one another.

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Beef At The Chateau Part 1

chuck said the Chateau is like a bar where everyone breaks chairs and throw bottles. Well lately, folks have been pulling out shanks and guns.

It's come to my attention that the girlgame bloggers are getting crap which is pure bs in my opinion. Why do some men feel threatened by women who like to think for themselves???

The women from the girlgame blog aren’t writing hard hitting topics aimed at men. The fact that men come and enjoy the blog is a good thing but I think their aim is arm women with the tools they need to attract quality men(not always alpha) and what to do to keep him.
I have noticed that Sophia gets attacked when she dares show her intellectual muscle.

. So what they didn’t address the mancession. They write about what they want to write about in the same vein that the male writers here write about what they want to write about. Maybe the mancession hasn’t hit the men in their lives or affected the men they pursue so they have no reason to write about it. Don’t forget that women are less likely to base their lives around charts, graphs& figures anyway. Until we feel it or know someone who has personally experienced it, most of us will be on the fence.

Furthermore, you can’t blame the mancession of feminists anyway, Gloria Steiman and the women at MS don’t have that much swag. The mancesssion happened because the jobs men typically do are being shipped overseas(factory), or were eliminated(construction) (wall st) because the big banks needed to shed workers*.

*construction falls under both.

As for the mancession and marriage, women who have a husband who is unemployed will need to suck it up and deal with the situation. The answer won’t be to bitch and moan but to work together as a family. Husbands will now have more time with their children. Women will now get to see what’s it like to be the “ man of the house”.

Far fewer couples will divorce when the husband doesn’t have enough assets to siphon away in the form or child support or alimony(archaic in most cases). Some couples may even find themselves happier in the long run cause this recession won’t last. We will have a recovery in a few years

fashion folk... I promise to go back to what I know very soon.