Monday, July 19, 2010

alphas are born not made

Can I lighten the load for a moment. All this talk of killing babies is bothering me and I'm not much of a "all look at him, isn't he the cutest" type of woman. lets appreciate babies for the giggles they can bring.....

Now listen here folks alphas are born not made. Look at this 1 year old natural born alpha. Look at how he commands attention from every woman in the room. from his alpha Mohawk down to his chubby toes. How much you wanna bet that when this video was over, he had a bottle of whole milk 120 degrees waiting for him? that's right, starter alphas don't drink similac, soy or rice milk. when he starts school, he'll never go hungry. the girls will make him more peanut butter &jelly sandwiches than he could eat thereby demonstrating that women just can't help themselves when it comes to pleasing an alpha.

Show me one PUA who can command attention like this kid. See that guy in the background, he's the beta who pays for it all.

alpha or beta

You call it folks cause I certainly can't.
*shrugs shoulders*