Sunday, August 1, 2010

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iinternet romances are like writing to death row inmates

all “romance”, no obligation

welcome to land of PUAs. All “romance” and no obligation(ring).

xsplat Girls imagine they are in a relationship. Imagination is a powerful thing.

very true and it’s why some women hear what we want when men clearly say the opposite.

Use a woman’s imagination to your advantage. I’m not talking about P&D stuff, I talking about when you really want to be with a woman. Playing around with a woman’s imagination when you aren’t serious can get you in serious trouble… possibly an episode on snapped.

xsplat Being less mundane probably means less reality, not more.

but it is the mundane that usually spells the end of romance and romantic love. You’re still in love but not in lust and your eye wanders just a little bit more. Your fantasies of other women become just a bit more intense. You start thinking of exit stratagies etc…

xsplat Chic, by that logic a girl with pictures of horses and ponies on her wall “really” loves horses. And when she graduates to pictures of puffy faced pretty boys, she “really” loves them

Nope, cause a woman can’t have a conversation with a picture of a horse or pony on her wall. Online, you can get pass the superficial because the face isn’t the first thing you see, it’s the words.

You know that women are verbal creatures so it’s much easier to capture a woman’s heart online. I would also argue that male2female romantic gestures and compliments may go over smoother online than in real life.

tell me if I’m wrong xsplat but being rejected online isn’t as soul crushing as it is in real life.

The chateau times part 6

the feminists didn't know who they were messing with. It seems that all of doug daper's hard work has paid off. His bill to end outrageous childsupport claims is finally being heard by someone from the NY senate. Just as he's walking his draft of a potential bill to Senator Sheldon, what do you know??? Some evil Starbucks latte drinking man hating bowl haircut wearing feminist tried to sic a rabid pit bull on doug but that dog didn't want none of alpha doug. See what happens below.

my original video didn't have anything in it about old ownage but I can't find that one. I guess it was deleated.

*chic noir shrugs shoulders*