Thursday, September 10, 2009

How to make your forever21 clothing last

After reading this post, I've decided to share my secrets on how to preserve clothing from forever 21.
*Chic noir steps into the room ready to teach the class*
How to wash/preserve clothing from forever 21 …

1. Buy yourself a lingerie bag from your local dollar store. Seriously, they are like one buck in most dollar stores.

2 . Buy yourself three bottles of woollite. One for whites, another for brights and the third for dark colors.
Psss... There is even a 1.50 cent cupon on the site. big savings kiddo big savings. Now don't spend it all in one place.

3. Take your forever 21 clothing and fold it up neatly.

4. Always wash your forever 21 clothing with like colors.

5. Then place your clothing inside of the lingerie bag.

6. Place the lingerie bag containing your forever 21 clothes inside of your washing machine.

The next step is major folks…

7. Turn the dial to cold water for both the wash and rinse cycles.

8. Turn your spin cycle to the gentle setting.

9. When your clothing has finished washing, promptly remove from the washing machine.

10. By yourself a drying rack or allow to dry on a flat surface.

If you follow these steps your forever 21 clothing should last a bit longer.

Things you should know:

Dark color cotton has a tendency to fade, even higher end cotton.

The lingerie bag helps to prevent snagging and stretching of your garments.

Use a steamer if you need to remove wrinkles, irons destroy clothing over time esp cheap materials.

Dryer also fry your clothing over time and sometimes shrink fabrics like cotton.

Woolite for dark clothing is Godsend. I’ve used it to wash black jeans and I’ve had no fading.

Have any questions??? Leave them in the comment section.
Tootaloo for now darlings.