Saturday, September 19, 2009

About Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy

an excellent comment from one of the PUA blogs I sometimes read and comment on.

Ari Hinkelberger
Guy defended the minimum wage so Papa Johns paid you a decent wage when you were making pizzas and living in that housing project.

Guy brought you the American with Disabilities Act so your deformed ugly as brother would have a ramp to ride up and not have to have his heavy wheel chair picked up and carried up the staris .

Guy championed the Family and Medical Leave Act so your fat fucking wife could take a few days off after she had your ugly kid.

Guy rallied for the Pell Grant so your poor redneck ass could afford that pile of shit college degree you got.

Guy prevented that pile of shit Robert Bork from getting to the US Supreme court which everyone agrees would have likely lead to the overturn of Roe v. Wade (Antony Kennedy took his spot and has since upheld Roe v. Wade)

Guy championed passed No Child Left Behind so that idiotic high school teacher you had was forced to teach you something and not ramble about her days roaming the African Safaree smoking pot.

Guy passed the voting rights act so racist ass morons like George Wallace could put in place things like the “Poll Tax” and “ID Requirements” to prevent black people for voting for Democrats.

Guy passed the National Cancer Act would funded the national cancer institue 5k fold and has helped America become the greatest treater of cancer illness in the world.

Guy mandated equal funding for Title IX which allowed your ugly sister to be able to play on the field hockey team that cost the University of What-the-fuck-ever 500k bucks a year to run.

Guy was the lead Democrat on the “Ryan White Act” which proposed massive government funding to treat and work on a cure for the AID virus.

Guy was one of the authors of the Health Insurance Portability Act which requires your dog shit employer to offer you that health insurance when they fire your ass and provides for major safe guards and secrecy when it comes to your medical records.

Guy was the lead proponent with Paul Wellstone for the Mental Health Parity Act that required insurance companies to cover mental health at the same level of acute care treatment. Meaning that copay you get in your health care plan must cover a trip to the shrink – which lord knows you need based on this rant.

Guy was the lead of 1997 legislation that expanded the State Children’s Health Insurance Program – it was the largest expansion health insurance coverage for children in the U.S. since Medicaid began in the 1960s.

Not to mention the fact that his brother introduced the Civil Rights Act which is probably the most notable piece of social change legislation in the history of the country.

I wasn’t a big fan of his view on defense related issues…but you gotta give the guy some credit. He has voted on every single Supreme Court Nominee – his chief counsel Steven Breyer was on the Supreme Court.

Guy is a walking legend and his legislative accomplisments touched the lives of every American. Whether it was your wife needing some time off and wanted maternity leave – or whether it was the minimum wage you earned as a kid working at your local store while in high school – or maybe it was pell grant you got your senior year in college.

Guy deserves some respect and credit for making this country a more compassionate and loving nation.

via roisy in DC

That's the only time I can recall Ari Hinkelberger leaving a comment. Funny enought, his one comment is perhaps the most memorable from that blog.

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