Sunday, June 27, 2010

One quick thing

sisters we need to stop some of the BS. Do some research for God's sake. some of us have a boogie man that ain't there. Now I might not be drk skinned but I ain't lgt skinned either. Chic noir has never had it bad. You only need one man to appreciate you and treat you well and the hell wit the rest.

someone Considering modeling agencies do not even hire dark skin models with the exception of Alec (Dark skin African girl with the baby face).

complete and utter bullcrap. Let me teach you about models and fashion son.

Almost every top blk high fashion model has been medium brown or darker.

Of all the top high fashion blk models currently working, only two are light skinned, that's Joan Smalls and Channel Iman.

The rest are dark or medium colored. google lindsey scott(victria secret),sedene blake, seeilee lopez, Arlenis Desosa(VS),jeneille williams(a victoria secret model),r'el dade(VS,jourdan dunn(VS),ajak,hollis,georgie badiel,nana keita(VS), ataui deng, atong arjok, kinee diouf rose cordero.

btw, the alec wek look is still very popular in high fashion. In the list of names I gave you, there are a few models who have that look.