Monday, January 4, 2010

V magazine plus sized vs standard size model showdown

Two of my favorites from the shoot.

So looking at the photos from V mag standard sized models vs Plus sized models editorial, I must give a hat tip to the plus sized models. They are really holding their own... no they are surpassing the slimmer models.

Look at the facial expressions, fierce indeed. These ladies need more exposure besides the once a year photo spread in American Vogue and guys... Crystal Renn isn't the only plus sized model who can work it out. I bet Vogue Italia will feature a few of them soon enough. chuck, lets compare.

to see more photos go here

If you like what you saw folks there is more here


Bhetti said...

The experiment otherwise known as 'If Men Were In Charge Of The Fashion Industry' or 'If Fashion Was About Looking Hot' or 'Gay Men Hate Women & Express This Through Fashion Inputs'.

Phoenixism said...

I don't understand how some of these women can even be called "plus sized" models. If anything I would call them "real sized" models, but whatever. Won't exactly help my standing in cyber alpha society to gush about "fat women." Oh wait, what standing, ha! The brunette on the far right of the group picture looks fine. The blondie next to her looks like she's sporting that "flowing out overly tight clothes" look which many large women wear so badly. The 1st and 2nd girls on the left look curvy and thick.

I'd take these girls over that gross androgynous prepubescent runway model look any day.

I will say this...once a girl reaches the double-fold look, that's a signal to take it easy on the cream puffs.

Chic Noir said...

@bhetti- lol
@phoenixism- don't worry, you're not the only guy who likes them a little thick. Willard, Mu and Doug will join you. The models above are shapley with real waist to hip defintion. IIRC, the models above are between sizes 12-16. The plus sized model in the top photo is probably 16-18.

collegeboy said...

i like my chicks thick like that first white chick (the first pic)

supposedly this is because if a women has wider hips (see: thick thights) she would have an easier time producing offspring.

evolution sums it all chic.

but no fatties. fck that.

lynch said...

Ahh, clothing sizes for women. They really don't mean anything anymore. I've gone shopping with a lady who fit into size 2 comfortably at one store (a normal clothes store, not Lane Bryant), and could barely fit into a size 7 at another. I think some places oversize their clothing so you feel like you're fitting into a smaller size, and I think others run small on purpose (Guess, for example.)

Regarding the photos, the first gal is out, since I don't care for her face. If the face fails, the rest doesn't matter.

In the second photo, I think all four are fine for heavy gals. However, the three brunettes are all dressed reasonably, whereas the blonde is muffin-topping too much. Methinks much Photoshop went into sanitizing her even this much.

Chic Noir said...

@lynch- yea sizing does run allover for a number of reasons.

1. the target audience:
If a designer sells you to younger set or to Japan or Paris, the clothes will be cut smaller. You'll have less room in the hip for instance.

2. The designer's ideal; Who is it that the designer has in mind when designer his/her line.

3.vanity sizing- so that Americans will feel better about themselves.

BTW, most women can correctly guess the dress size of other women. For the most part, a size 6 wears a size 6-8. a size 00 isn't a size 14 in another line but a size 2 can be a size 6 in another line.

Chic Noir said...

@schoolboy- yea I know your type. I had to show dumbar squat girl to an assoicate, he almost chocked on pretzel. I have to give it to her, she was bad.

Sex, Lies and Attempts at Truth said...

I am a curvy chick. A dude told me the other day I really know how to dress the window. He meant I know how to accent the assets. I have never felt that men find me fat, but I am by model standards. Gotta admit for fashion it looks better on the slim girls - but for lovin...the thicker chicks have it going on.

kimee said...

i thought this was beautiful for them to do

Mandy!XD said...

I don't know. Those models look good in the pics you posted, but in other pics, I'm seeing a whole lotta fat rolls.

Not good. :/