Wednesday, October 27, 2010


pole dancing is now considered a form of exercise right?

Gotta give this chick points though, she is very good at it.

*mu obsidian like fat women aka apeman looks over at obsidian and whispers to PA*
"well, you know who I blaime for this"

*PA nods head in agreement & says *
"goodbye joan jet and hell mudsha*k"

Rose eat your heart out!

Rose screw you & your army test of fitness. Did you see her do pull ups on that pole. This woman would pass wit flying colors.

I bet Jerry would tear her up :)


Janna said...

She climbed up the pole. I have to say I'm impressed. Why the heck would she put this online though.

Mena said...

That woman is just big, she got some serious muscles under that fat. Fuck what you heard, she putting a lot of fools to shame right now.

Good for her!!

Chic Noir said...

janna- Yea I was impressed too. I can't believe how strong she is.

mena- *chic noir holds head down in shame* I would be one of those people.