Monday, October 25, 2010

Please Go and Kill Yourself !

To bad your mom didn't have that abortion.

Tomfoolery at it's finest.


Default User said...

Of all of the things you could accuse Obama of, "hood ass nigga" seems least plausible. I could probably out hood his ass.

-De Falt Uza

Chic Noir said...

haha default. You can make me laugh even when I'm angry :)

Default User said...

I hope your anger subsides. Unlike many bloggers, I find it hard to imagine Chic Noir as angry.

The word verification was an apt sounding "Warths." An extra "i" would have been even better (warthis).

Chic Noir said...

Yea, it's gone default. I hate to be angry for long. I don't understand people who seek out drama. I hate the way it feels when the andrelenie is pumping thru my veins, my skin goes numb and tingly.

The word verification was an apt sounding "Warths."
I've gotten some of those two. on one of the HBD blogs "race' poped up as my verification.