Monday, January 18, 2010

My Type of Alpha Man Sanjay Gupta

I felt a strange wave of gene tingles watching this video. Look at Sanjay, reporting and saving lives at the same time. He went from reporter to MD without losing a beat. Look how he held that baby *sigh*. He was sooooooo gentle. I imagine my darling whiskey or whelmer would behave the same way.

*chic noir squells*
If I'm ever to marry and have children,it must be with this type of man. Only a man who is capable of being so warm and so gently will mesh well with me and (I think) make a great dad. Of course Sanjay is very busy so he won't have much time to be a hands on dad looking at his current schedule.

FemX, I know you want a real alpha try your hand at him.

George Cloony and the like, have nothing on Sanjay and men like him.


Desi fpua said...

Chic, here's some more Desi alpha for you.

Chic Noir said...

thanks desi

Anonymous said...

i dont know about great dad, great uncle tom maybe

Y said...

Yeah he is my type of guy. I never got the whole alpha male thing. Sure I have been attracted the tall, handsome, athletes but I love my geek-betas all the same.

My perfect man would be intelligent and tall, whether he is alpha or not doesnt matter.