Saturday, November 7, 2009

covers 9


ladyraine said...


Hey girl, I'm back and glad to be here! I missed your comments and diplomacy!

BTW you are singing my tune with your fashion pieces, being a huge fan of style and haute couture myself!!!

I'll be spreading evil throughout the lands once again and nothing makes me smile more than that :)

Lady Raine

collegboy said...

nothing but black models??


Chic Noir said...

lol at collegeboy.How about I post some pics of big booty models.

@ladyraine- I'm glad your back.we missed you.

Ovid said...

Thanks for the help over at Roissy's,Chicky.

Chic Noir said...

you're welcome Ovid. I wasn't sure you would see it since it was held in comment moderation for so long.

chicnoir said...

@ovid- I forgot to mention that Bridget Jones was a heavy drinker and in some ways she was a British version of SATC minus Samantha and child lust from what i can recall.She was also in a constant battle with her weight.

FYI, I only read about 3/4 of book one and saw part of movie one.

I hope this helps.

ELove said...

Peek-a-Boo... I See You !!!

Love-n-Kisses Boo

chic noir said...

hey e-love, what's been going on buddy?