Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fashion Don't 2

This is M.iLe>y Ray Cirus's little sister BTW

Wow, that costume makes her look so hard and old. She looks like a miniature truck stop ho. I can picture her sitting at a bar drinking hard liquor and chain-smoking a pack of lucky strikes. Her parents should be ashamed.

This is M.iLe>y Ray Cirus's little sister BTW

pic from nymang


;) said...

We're friends already. Swallowed Whole is a collection of short stories but I like that your mind hovered around the gutter in pondering exactly what that might mean.

Anonymous said...

Simply horrifying.

Martini said...

There's something very scary about this picture. She'd definitely dressing too old.

Anonymous said...

AGGGH! This immediately reminds me of those weird pageant kids. How they dress them up like little slutty dolls....this is even worse! Oh my!