Sunday, June 19, 2011

Beauty Pagents

Miss USA is coming on tonight. I've loved beauty pagents since I was a little girl. I can't get enough of them. I guess this is wear my feminist card gets taken. I even like to watch small scale local beauty pagents.


Rebekah said...

So what did you think of the redhead?

I used to like to watch pageants too and keep my own running score card (trying not to see or hear what the judges scored/thought) on who would win. That was kind of fun.

Chic Noir said...

The redhead is cute and she seems like a nice chick.

Yea I keep score cards as well rebekah haha. I really love the Miss Universe pagent. I loved the pagent more before Trump brought it.

Anonymous said...


I'm writing a post every Tuesday for Alte's new place.

I know I haven't updated Commander Tact's thoughts in forever.



Chic Noir said...

Ok clarence, I haven't been over to alte's in some time but will visit soon to read your piece :)