Monday, May 9, 2011

police brutality against women part 2

Wow, now this was ruff and hard to watch.

hei.di klum in a bikini

I think having so many kids in a row did it but then again, Stephanie Seymour &Stella Tennant did the same thing and they still have a waist.

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Anonymous said...

Well, chicklet:

Unlike the first vid of this type you showed us where I wasn't particularly sympathetic, I can say that this video seems fullstop to be an example of police brutality and I hope they throw the book at him. I can understand running to catch up, I could even understand a grab, but drunk/drugged/whatever girl wasn't resisting arrest and for this motherfucker to freaking run up to her and SLAM her into a wall, apparently head first, where she THEN drops to the ground with no protection what so ever is just disgusting. That girl might have needed a spanking (creating a disturbance at school, assaulting your mother?) and in the past the cop might have given it to her, but given the law today at most she needed to be grabbed and handcuffed and booked for arrest. Not assaulted in such a manner that she could be killed or messed up for life.

Here's a hug, and if you find out more about this please feel free to let me know.