Sunday, February 6, 2011

NAMfacation continues

the funniest part was how his mom behaved like he wasn't there & didn't stop knitting the entire time. He is really good shape. I bet most Americans would strain something 30 seconds into the routine.


Escapist said...

I'm kind of biased becuase I was a kid then and people generally like music from their childhoods, but it seems like early 90s stuff (not MC Hammer, but say En Vogue) was somewhat more interesting/varied than pop music today

A Geezer :)

chic noir said...

hey escapist
*chic noir gives escapist a hug*

people generally like music from their childhoods
Yea I agree, it's good for warm memories. I think you're right about enVogue, much more talent than say MC Hammer.

Escapist said...

Hey Chic, hugs to you too :)

A lot of fun songs from that era. Plus MTV actually played music, introducing kids to different the glamorous world of music videos.

On the downside: hammer pants. The only thing less flattering to most body types is the current skinny jeans craze. And skinny jeans on guys - what the hell?