Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the chateau times: the great spearhead unveiling!

*rois.sy stands upon the stage in the alpha auditorium like steve jobs about to introduce to world to apple oxygentm (which will revolutionize the way that human beings across the planet breath) *

roise opens his mouth and lets out the most alpha roar he can muster.

attention alpha, beta and omegas.... I stand before you today to proclaim that we have another tool to fight those evil feminists.

*the crowd cheers*

*chuck lets a shriek so emotionally powerful that his skin becomes as red as his hair*


chic noir walks along the hall with a taylor swift lookalike.
chic noir to taylor swift lookalike
"now you remember our plan don't you."

Taylr Swift lookalike nods and says "of I do. I can't tell you how happy this makes me to nail these dirty buzzards. why the excitement makes my gina tingle.

*chic noir looks pleased and says*
"good my sister, you are becoming a good feminist"

*chic noir opens the door to find 1std playing the controls*

chic to 1stdv

"hey onestdv, whats going on buddy"
1stdv "chic, I don't have time for you now, I've got to get this film set up"

chic noir to 1stdv "oh well look who I brought along, rose wanted me to introduce you to her"

taylor swift steps from behind chic noir
*1stdv eyes grow to the size of saucers*
*taylor swift lookalike sits on onestdv lap and runs her fingers threw his hair*

taylor swift lookalike takes 1stdv by the hand and leads him out of the film room.
*1stdv hesitates*

1std " no, I can't go just yet. I've got some things to do "
chic noir says to onestdv "what is it you have to do? I'm sure it's something I can do if it doesn't require much intelligence after all i am a NAM"

*one std shrugs shoulders and says to chic noir*
okay chic, when rose and whellmer are done talking just press that button.

*chic noir gives onestdv the thumbs up*

as soon as onestdv and the taylor swift lookalike are out of the room, chic noir jumps up to lock the door and reaches into her bag. pulls out a dvd and smiles sweetly.

meanwhile down below...

*globalman pulls down tin fool cap just a little bit closer to his head*

global man says to self " those feminists aren't getting into my head with their testosterone zapping satellites"

Rose welcomes whellmer onto the stage

*alte claps just a little bit harder, david c.olla.rd sticks out bottom lip*

whellmer "well men, I don't make group separations because we are all men being beaten down by the evil feminist empire"

*more yelling hooting and hollering from the angry masses*

whellmer " what we have here is our own antidote to the feminist media brainwashing that's gone about for the last 30 years in this country"

*the crowd goes wild again*

a 90 year virgin in the audience becomes excited at the thought that something may finally help him get the "10" than even his social security,pension,401k, bingo winnings and part time salary as a wallmart greeter haven't allowed him to.

* 90year old virgin passes out*

roissy yells up to the film box " start it up 1stdv"

inconspicuous beta leans over to whisper into A.J travis's ear "i got a bad feeling about this man"

up above ....

chic noir lets out a silent evil laugh and removes 1stdv dvd to replace it with her own.

chic noir to self "wait until they see this"

*one hour later *

DA thinks to self "why was the lone blk woman so bossy, it's like we can never run from the hbd guys"

there is all types of grumbling in the crowd amongst the men. one beta, jawberwonky, stands up to speak.

jaberwonky " what type of crap was that"
*jaberwonky adjusts linus blanket around body*
" I mean bringing us here to show us this film justifying male genocide"

*the crowd roars*

a random beta stands to shout at roissy
" man what's happened to you"

another omega shouts
" yea, you're churning out nothing but garbage these days man"

a wimpy omega screech's
" it like you've turned on us"

maurice the diplomat stands to be a peacemaker but looking out into the sea of angry faces changes mind and sits down again.

clarence thinks to self " I think I know what's going on"

a tomato is throw across the stage at roissy

whellmer jumps up to roissy's defence
"men lets not become to emotional"

an angry Z shouts "shaming language"

obsidian takes to the stage to calm things down

obs " now my white,black. asian and hispanic brothers lets not...."

troll king yells " what the hell does race have to do with this, see this is the problem with obs and others of color"

With the mention of race, things really snowball downhill fast.

davefromhawaii has a moment of deja vu having seen all of this in the matrix.
*dave pops blue pill*

whiskey yells " there is no hope for us betas. women HATE HATE HATE beta men"

with that the entire meeting descends into choas, nothing is accomplished and chic noir and the rest of the evil feminist have a hearty laugh at the men folk's expense.



Anonymous said...


Chicklet, you sure have an interesting way of telling Roissy stories.

By the way, did you notice they couldn't even use "sex" as a term relative to "gender" even when telling a story about the virtual or total elimination of half of humanity.



chic noir said...

Chicklet, you sure have an interesting way of telling Roissy stories.

well I hope that means you enjoyed it.

By the way, did you notice they couldn't even use "sex" as a term relative to "gender" even when telling a story about the virtual or total elimination of half of humanity.

Yea I wonder what that was all about? What did you think of the movie overall?

Anonymous said...

Ok, Chicklet:

The ending was ok. They put the guy back in cryo for what seems decent reasons. In the future, maybe a male will be needed. It's certainly better than the happy eliminationist rhetoric I've heard in several other stories I've read about where there was a world where men had all died off. There are only two future dystopias involving female oppression or elimination that I remember ever reading.

One was in an old science fiction magazine I used to have. In this story, alien real-tors attacked humanity with some sort of hormone based virus or something that made all the men go mad and kill any women they saw. The story was told from the p.o.v. of a woman who had disguised herself as a man and tried to stay as far away from men as possible. The men hardly come across as monsters in this story: they are mere dupes who are crazy and who are helping depopulate the planet so the greedy aliens can take it over. It's the woman who discovers what is really happening, but I forget how as its been probably twenty years since I read it. But it's a sad story, the men aren't whooping and hollering about how much better their lives are without those women.

The other one that I've read and that is often brought up is "The Handmaid's Tale" but while that is equivalent to enslaving women it is not equivalent to exterminating them, and the sympathy of the book is clearly with the female protagonist. So, a World Without Women it is not.

I guess what I'm saying is there is a bit of a double standard. I've run into far more stories about men dying off or being exterminated or killing themselves off than the other way around and the stories are either ambivalent about it (some women miss the men, good men are contrasted with bad or etc.) or the stories are downright triumphalist about it. Better, more peaceful world, and all that.

I rather liked this movie.

Now as to the "gender" thing, it just shows how campaigns to improve language can often end up damaging it. "Gender" has a specific use -it's meant to refer to all societally dictated customs and expectations placed on members of one of the biological sexes. That is , things that are expected of you as a woman or man but that don't automatically come from either your inner nature or your bodies sexual organs. Instead, these days, it's often used as a synonym for biological sex as well, thus implying that biological sex has no meaning and is only a category assigned by society.


Chic Noir said...

Clarence The ending was ok. They put the guy back in cryo for what seems decent reasons. In the future, maybe a male will be needed
The leader said that he wasn’t the first male whom they brought back and that each time they bring a male back, the same thing occurs violence. It seems that they would rather do without all that “men” have to offer because they prefer peace of mind.

But that didn’t stop them from having there fun with him haha I bet that’s every man’s fantasy.

I’m going to add "The Handmaid's Tale" to my list. Jezebel did a post about the science fiction books which covered this sort of story.

IIRC, the author only named one book that showed men to get by ok without women around. All of the other books made a world without women into a very very very violent place.

or the stories are downright triumphalist about it. Better, more peaceful world, and all that.
Yea I've noticed this too.

Anonymous said...

Is this supposed to be a parody, because I can totally see it happening

Chic Noir said...

haha anonymous yup it's a parody.