Sunday, August 1, 2010

The chateau times part 6

the feminists didn't know who they were messing with. It seems that all of doug daper's hard work has paid off. His bill to end outrageous childsupport claims is finally being heard by someone from the NY senate. Just as he's walking his draft of a potential bill to Senator Sheldon, what do you know??? Some evil Starbucks latte drinking man hating bowl haircut wearing feminist tried to sic a rabid pit bull on doug but that dog didn't want none of alpha doug. See what happens below.

my original video didn't have anything in it about old ownage but I can't find that one. I guess it was deleated.

*chic noir shrugs shoulders*


Chic Noir said...

this video, I will fix it.

Default User said...

I don't think doug is that old. :/

I wonder how the video guy would have handled the dog (with sunglasses) in your other post.

chic noir said...

he isn't, he's 50 something. The doug with sun glasses is too cool to go out on an attack like this. the sunglasses dog would've gotten a more beta dog to do the attack.