Sunday, December 19, 2010

Ohio police officer Jonathan Seiter saved by a Black woman

Wow, I'm speechless.

I hope this sister will be okay.

that was a bold move

some folks in the hood will not like this.

she might get got.


MsExceptiontotheRule said...

I guess its a good thing that the police department so far is refusing to release the woman's name, and although you can determine a few general things about her (She had on black pants and a sort of dark red sweater, she's a black woman, and is evidently not one to shy away from hitting someone.)Dash cameras don't produce quality video in most cases.

Chic Noir said...

Ms Exceptionto the rule- Well I came across another video where the two of them were reunited. So she's out now. I guess she feels safe.

MsExceptiontotheRule said...

Well now she's gone and done it. But I guess she should have known better than to appear in any recorded reunion with the white cop she provided back-up for - unless it would only be shown on cnn or one of those Korean-language stations. (sigh)