Friday, November 12, 2010

alpha island

alpha isn't only a state of mind, it's a way of being.


Default User said...

Not bad, if a bit too small.

MsExceptiontotheRule said...

People need to stop publishing pictures of my house. ;)

As an individual who likes a lot of solitude, if it weren't for the concerns about weather systems scattering parts of my house in every direction annually, I'd consider island-living. I'll stick with random earthquakes and the panic about when the next major quake *might* occur. :)

Chic Noir said...

@defualt- what you think it's too small? I think it's just the angle of the picture.

@miss exception- yea storms would worry me too.
As an individual who likes a lot of solitude

*chic noir high 5's miss exception*

Me too, you know I was starting to feel weird about that but good to know I'm not the only one.

MsExceptiontotheRule said...

I acquired my love of solitude as a way of getting through all of the time that the mr. was overseas; now it's simply part of who I am, though my friends tell me to get out of the house more and occasionally a couple of them will call me agoraphobic.

I'd be more inclined to agree with them if I had 3 or more symptoms consistently for 2 months or longer in the past year.

Reggie said...

With an island that small, I'd be afraid that a nice wave would come along and wash it and that house away.

...a beach would be nice.