Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How Obama can win the election in 2012

Weeks after giving birth, French women are offered a state-paid, extended course of vaginal gymnastics, complete with personal trainer, electric stimulation devices and computer games that reward particularly nimble squeezing. The aim, said Agnes de Marsac, a physiotherapist who runs such sessions: “Making love again soon and making more babies.”
Perineal therapy is ubiquitous in France as free nursery schools, generous family allowances, tax deductions for each child, discounts for large families on high-speed trains, and the expectation that after a paid, four-month maternity leave mothers are back in shape — and back at work

well ladies and gentleman I think I've figured out how Obama can win his second term. Not only that but he can come out as the Socialist the Republicans and Tea Partiers like to call him.

If Obama amends the "obamacare" bill to add this , I predict that obama will win the popular vote by a sweeping margin.

What man would complain? Well maybe the bitter betas would form a party in opposition since they won't be in a position to enjoy the fringe benefits but I think most men will gladly switch political parties.

Madame hello wrote Now you may correct me if I’m wrong but I think that a lot of black women have complexes over their attractiveness what is promoted in the media and interracial dating can play on those insecurities. But maybe I am wrong.

well hello, let me answer your question honestly. I AM JEALOUS AS PHUCK OF FRENCH WOMEN! no other group of women on God's green earth inspire such feelings.

shot out to the nytimes


Dream_Puppy said...


I am curious as to why you would like Obama to win a second term. As someone who voted for him and was excited by his victory, I can say that it has all been a crushing disappointment. I think the lesson learned for me is that the institution is what is broken, and candidates matter not.

MaMu1977 said...

"Fringe benefits". I see what you did there...

Chic Noir said...

Dream puppy- can you think of a better canidate?

mamu1977- exactly lol. men everywhere will forget about the horrible economy and rejoice.

Mena said...

LOl. I guess Dream puppy couldnt.