Tuesday, October 5, 2010

alpha designer

hey folks
*chic noir waves excitedly*

*chic noir takes a sip of organic grass feed wheat juice*

now now guys. I noticed that number of blogs have this we vs them things going about. what's interesting is that the non NAM crowd keep referring to themselves as a group.

they aren't.
typical ameri an thinking

*snorts like a snobby hipster*

Well that reminded me of something I'd seen not so long ago.

It's a post on how Europeans(stereotypically) view one another.
I found it very interesting and I hope you do too.

Oh & in case you doubt this ... the guy who made the maps name is alpha designer .

where alpha lives

Europe according to France

Europe according to Germany

Europe according to the USA

Europe according to Russia

Europe according to paland Poland

Europe according to Italy
Italy according to posh Italians

europe according to bulguria

Europe according to Britain

Europe according to according to European gay men

Cyprus swimming in the sea at night

all credit given to alpha

actually this guy is a beta going for alpha. yall give this man some work.


LaFleur said...

You really like wheat grass juice?

Those are funny. I like how Hungary is "cool dudes" to Poland and "porn stars" to everyone else.

chic noir said...

LaFleur- no, wheat grass juice made me feel sick and dizzy the few times i've had it.

where alpha lives did you notice iceland is where bjork lives. lol

MaMu1977 said...

Ha ha! If you had any idea how accurate those maps are...

Mira said...

This is fantastic!

Is there by any chance a high resolution available? I can't read all of the text, especially for Balkan countries, I mean |resident evil, I mean uncharted lands. :D

But people who made these sure know popular stereotypes!

Chic Noir said...

@mira- I don't know, you can go to the guys website. I linked the original to my post.

@mamu- hey bro, thanks for coming over. I've enjoyed your comments on the other sites.