Thursday, September 9, 2010

So You Want To Be An Alpha

1. remember the power of social proof. don't become known a the guy willing to slum it up wit cigstache and her crew. it's better to have a short stay in the hospital room than to have had a "2" have her wicked way with you.

2. alphas know that they are their surroundings & thoughts become reality.

3. alphas are multitaskers. they can combine romance and bromance.

4.Alphas don't get caught

5. an alpha knows how to pick his battles.

don't get owned by a man old enough to be your gramps. This fool caught a mini beat down via four from the AARP posse.

P.S. an alpha knows that mistakes sometimes happen. only betas sweat the small stuff


Terry @ Breathing Grace said...

The first item you linked to was the last straw...

From this woman to the Koran burner, to all the other crazies. If I read another story about a FL crazy, I'm begging hubby to get us outta here, lol!

As for the overall post: funny stuff, chic!

Chic Noir said...

Terry you folks in florida are crazy lol.

As for the overall post: funny stuff, chic!
why thank you terry. Now don't be no stranger to these parts my dear :)

DirkJohanson said...


The trans hooker thing happened to me, too. In fact, I just confided it to a porn producer yesterday!