Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quiz Time!

Well I'm sure most of you have heard about the quiz on various religious. Just another one of those sample quizzes that are used to make fun of the dumbness of average Americans. esp us NAMS *DA weeps*. Well imagine my surprise when I did much better than most of the population. I did much much much better than my average NAM, high school graduate but only slightly better than my fellow agnostic/atheist.

my score was 87% or 13/15.

I got two of the questions which I just knew I had right wrong.
the bread & wine questions as well as the ten commandments wrong wrong wrong.

first great awakening ques, got that one right surprisingly. twas able to eliminate one of the answers right off the bat and I thought a lil bit about the other two names.

I guess it really doesn't matter either way, I'm still a NAM.
*whiskey sighs*

*chic noir sings "Life Of NAM" with David Alexander"
*one crocodile tear slides down her face*

you can take the quiz here, let me know your score in the comments

*chic noir holds up index finger*

one more tres interesting fact about the quiz, atheists&agnostics scored very well on the eastern religions ques.

*chic noir pulls at hairs on her chiny chin chin*

Now I have a theory on why do you?


jm_kaye said...

93%. I got the nirvanna one wrong.

Default User said...

I got 100 percent, although I had to guess one, and was uncertain about a few.

My theory on the Pew result is that atheist and agnostics are nerdy types that know a lot about lots. They are the types that would score well on many quizzes. They are the types that tend towards all intellect (knowledge) and no heart (belief).

Default User said...

I look forward to hearing your theory.

Chic Noir said...

@jm kaye- 93% that's a good score.

@default- I'm not shocked you got 100%. You're my 101.

My theory on the Pew result is that atheist and agnostics are nerdy types that know a lot about lots
an intellectual jack of all trades :)

I would also add that most atheist and agnostics are somewhat "Hipter" in nature, we like to discover things that others don't know about. In our own little way we are elitist and snobish.

So having studied a few eastern religions would give most agnostics and atheist another way to thumb their noses at the masses.

Default User said...

Good points.

I *was* shocked that I scored 100 percent.

"We" Are you a nerdy (but hip) atheist?

chic noir said...

default I'm agnostic... i think

are you an atheist?

Default User said...

I call myself apatheist. I don't really care. That said, I have little hostility to the religious and my morality and beliefs could probably be called Christian.

Chic Noir said...

Default, I think to an extent most Americans(sorry PA) have Christian morals. It's probably because we are surrounded my Christanity although few people behave like christians anymore.

Jasmin said...

I'm a nondenom Christian (possibly a future Jew), and I got 13/15--I'm not sure which one I missed, but I know I got all of the Catholic ones (except Mother Teresa = Catholic, lol!) right, since I went to a Catholic high school (the body/blood of Christ thing is transubstantiation, though I didn't learn about that until relatively recently (within the last two years). I'm sure my answers were biased by having read about the test (in the newspaper, then a couple other blogs, then here), but I thought the question of the majority religion in Pakistan was the hardest.

Chic Noir said...


haha we got the same score.

I knew about pakistan because most of the paskistanians I've come across are muslim and it's been in the news the last ten years because of bin ladin and being a hide out for al kida.

the catholic question about the blood and body of christ freaked me out to say the least.

no more mr nice guy said...

I Chic, first time I comment on your blog !

I, too, got 87%. I'm an atheist. The more you know about religion, the more you're secular or atheist.

Jamila said...

I got a 15/15, which places me in the top 0.2% of the population who took the test. Woohoo!

I read many books about religion and various faiths before becoming a Christian.

Chic Noir said...

@Jamila- congrats :) So you weren't born a christen it was your own choosing. That's refreshing.

If you don't mind my asking, why didn't Buddism give you the same feelings of satisfaction that Christianity does?

Jamila said...

If you don't mind my asking, why didn't Buddism give you the same feelings of satisfaction that Christianity does?

I read the Bible and got the feeling that those Jews wandering around in the desert might really have been getting their info from a higher source.

I also tend to think that God is a personal being rather than an impersonal force, Someone who really does want us to make right choices and have a long-term plan in mind, of which we are a part of that plan.

chic noir said...

Thanks for explaining jamila.