Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Omega Workout

Hey there folks. This week is workout week at chic noir house.

The omega is the smallest of the three groups of men. They're usually ectomorphs by nature as well as vegans or vegetarians by nurture. Their incredibly frail bodies are one of the drawing points for the big boned ball busting broads who love them. Nothing gives a chunky ladystached patriarchy crusader the gina tingles like a malnourished Michael Ciera lookalike in too small skinny jeans with legs so slim her sausage fingers can touch when she wraps one hand around his upper thighs.

Have a shot of wheat glass juice and enjoy.


LaFleur said...

Ummmmm.....nice halter top?

Whatever floats your boat, chic noir!

Oh, and I love Wichita Lineman too.



chic noir said...

@LaFleur- I was introduced to that song via tupac. I've grown to love that man.

Rebekah said...

Dale certainly is in fantastic shape. I envy anyone who can do the splits like that. I'll have to reference this video the next time I find myself in a bad mood! :)

desi said...

I know big (as well as FAT) vegetarians and even vegans.

Default User said...

I am embarrassed to say that it was, in its own way, impressive. Some of those moves looked like they required a fair degree of athleticism.

Still looks a bit gay though. :/ said...

The elephant in the room on Obsidian's blog is Black American men's extensive use of ganja, which makes them lazy and ambitionless and THAT'S why Black American women are beating them out of college and the work force.

I said it before but he banned me.

erranter said...

I'd say endomorphs are just as likely to be omegas. A good number of ectos are probably beta, and very few alpha. Same probably goes for endos. But I wouldn't restrict ectos to omega predominately. Endos seem to do way worse with the girls and a lot of chicks like skinny guys these days. Or maybe that's just the circles I dwell among