Sunday, June 6, 2010

spot the alpha


BronxStateOfMind said...

Hey girl just emailed you at ur yahoo (fitchic29), didnt know if that is ur main one


Chic Noir said...

ok bronx, I will check it out.

Gorbachev said...


Glad I never met that guy when I was there.

Anonymous said...

I'm worried about that first guy.
Looking at the replay not only was he hit in the front of the face (probably a broken or fractured bone somewhere) but he fell almost directly on the floor on his head, though I think his shoulder thankfully absorbed some of the shock. In short, probably a medium level concussion from the floor, a broken or fractured bone in the front of the face and bruises all over the back part of the body.

And all because he was running in a non-threatening manner near some musclehead who couldn't wait to use his mad skillz against a totally unsuspecting dude.

I will say it was a very well executed kick. But it brings to mind that "With great power comes great responsibility" saying from Spiderman.