Tuesday, February 23, 2010

covers 10

kara young, beverly johnson and kara young. btw, kara young was one of the early Victoria Secret models. She is married to a Greek Billionaire. IRC she dated Donald Trump for a while.
Steven Meisel said that many of the models he photographed over the years have gone on to marry very wealthy men. I wonder if those girls planned to marry wealthy men or did they just happen to fall for wealthy men.


collegeboy said...


I think the models stand up in a single file line as if they were about to be executed North Korean style. Then they await the opulent elite. The elite then size each model up and take bids accordingly to their animalistic driven tastes. The bang proceeds with just little to no amor. Just the thought of blasting your seed into a faultlessly sculpted face is good enough for them.

Or maybe they just happen to see each other in starbucks.

Hey it could happen.*shrugs*

Chic Noir said...

Collegeboy, what is sara teaching you?