Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dating Rules For Men via A Woman

preface: my darling whiskey, I know you said I give men awful advice let me try again.

Chic Noir’s PUA advice for men…

1.have confidence

2.remember, she poops too.

3.take the time to look nice. Good clothes, shoes and a nice haircut will help you feel better about yourself when approaching a woman which will in turn heighten your confidence.

4.have something to talk about when you approach.

5.don’t give off the creepy weird guy vibe. Avoid jerky hand movements, weird facial expressions, intense staring with a woman you haven’t vibed with and bad posture.

6.don’t stare at woman for longer than 30 without saying a simple hello. Look at the woman’s response to you hello. That should give something to go on. Does she look excited to be approached by you? If not, proceed with caution.

7.if one turns you down, remember there are 3 billion more.

8. be careful of your internal thoughts when approaching women. We can read your thoughts fellas.

9. know your speed.

10. don’t be desperate. Janka is almost as pretty as Epoxy but scares the heck out of many women because he comes across as desperate and hypersexed.

11. be yourself but don't give her everything within the first day of meeting you.

12. if she doesn't call when she says she will, don't be angry when she finally returns your call. just find something or someone to amuse you instead.

13. avoid hardcore bar rats, they will burn you in more ways than one.


Anonymous said...

Very true...I would add to it, don't care too much too soon about a girl before you guys become in an exclusive serious relationship.

a lot of guys give her affection freely before she earns it while she is still a stranger to them.

Sex, Lies and Attempts at Truth said...

Great list chicky!

Keith said...

"be careful of your internal thoughts when approaching women. We can read your thoughts fellas."

This is mostly true. Some studies show that men who are better at lying also pursue social dominance more strongly (at least when the stakes are low).

So naturally weaselly guys will also be good at social dominance, and will be good at dissing chicks in front of other guys and then being very charming with those women.

But if you're not naturally weaselly, you can't spend time dissing chicks and then turn around and be charming.

In short, if you're not a natural weasel, don't take advice from natural weasels.

Don said...

I can dig it. Especially @ if one turns you down, remember there are 3 million more. I think men thinking, always thinking, like this would go a long ways towards avoiding "the other ish."

11minutes said...

Good summary of what PUAs preach for years. The only thing that is missing is:

14. do not supplicate - be openly selfish. women like a man who knows what he wants.

This, of course, relates to the more controversial aspect of "being a jerk", to moisten the poon.

It is essential, though, since following your advice will leave men in the "friend zone".

Your advice will make more for great parties with lots of interesting men to small talk to, but you will not feel any attraction without the certain "edge", "swagger" that comes from stopping to be overly polite.

As a woman, you automatically expect that attractive men have that certain sassiness and it therefore did not end up on your list (one could argue that "not being creepy" and "don't be needy" are related, but what do you expect from an inexperienced guy who goes out to meet women and who had not had sex for a long time?).

Also, being hypersexual is not the same as needy and can very well work for you. In fact, same night lays are impossible without a limited hypersexual vibe. Again, think of the guys who take girls home the same night and not the kind of guys you romanticize to date long term.