Friday, December 18, 2009

Please Help

Where on the chain does this guy fall? beta or omega?


Bhetti said...

I would say...
at least he approached.

I think we shall just leave him in Unclassified.

ClarenceComments said...


Runs screaming but passes this thought on..

Any GUY who would STAB HIMSELF IN THE BALLS for being sexually attracted to a woman is an OMEGA IDIOT TIMES TEN THOUSAND.

What did he have to be ashamed of- His attraction to a sexy waitress?

Now, ironically had he pierced his peewee to show he was impervious to pain rather than ASHAMED of his sex drive I could give him Greater Beta or Alpha status.

Alpha's as we use them here (ignoring the ones that are ONLY Leader of Men types and lady alphas)- guys chicks dig- are never ashamed of their attraction to a pretty lady. It really is that simple.

ClarenceComments said...

I suppose his public airing and proposition MIGHT raise him up to lower beta status.